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There is something about Wolverine that really piqued my interest. It was when I tried to imagine what his experience would be like. Clearly his experience would be totally different to that of most people, even to that of most superheroes. It’s not because he has metal claws, or superhuman strength. It’s because his body always heals, and it heals quickly. Then I started thinking. If a person’s mind is an integrated part of their body, then Wolverine would heal from any psychological experience, and heal from those experiences quickly. That would completely change how he lives. Any fear of pain and suffering would almost be non-existent for him.

Unfortunately, in the X-men series, they don’t think of a person's mind and body as an integrated system. I think it is. I recall reading in the book ‘Inner Engineering’; “The yogic sciences… do not speak of the mind or the soul. Everything is just a body”. I agree with that. It’s not that I think the ‘yogic sciences’ are perfectly accurate. I’m sure there is a lot of bullshit in there. The thing is, that way of thinking perfectly aligns with empirical science as well. My mind is integrated with my brain which is integrated to my nervous system which is integrated with my whole body. When I break it down like that a human does not seem that amazing. I think we are despite our consciousness being integrated with the physical body.

In the X-men movies wolverine loses a close friend and loved one; Jean Grey. You can clearly see that he’s emotionally hurt by it. In the next movie he’s still sad. He also seems to carry a lot of psychological scars from experiences of war, and of the torturous procedure he underwent when his skeleton was converted to metal. If I’m right about the body and mind being integrated, Wolverine would not carry any emotional/psychological scars. Since he has the gift of super fast healing, he would go through the stages of grief at superhuman speed. He’d experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance all within a minute. Then he could go forward with his life in peace. That’s why I think Wolverine would go through life with almost no fear, and a deep feeling of inner peace. That’s why I like Wolverine. That’s why, out of all the superhero powers out there, I’d want Wolverine's ability to heal, and heal fast. The superhuman strength, looking like he’s carved out of wood, and the metal claws are pretty cool too. I’d take those as well.

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